How it works

Understand You

On signing up for Assisted Property, you get a dedicated property advisor who guides you through your entire property journey. One of the first things our advisors do is to invest time to truly understand your needs and preferences.

Market Search

Having established a thorough understanding of your needs and preferences, our property advisors launch a full search of the market to identify specific properties that are available in the market right now.

Evaluation & Shortlisting

On your Assisted Property dashboard, you get to view a tailored list of properties complete with all relevant details, including property pictures and particulars. Our advisors work with you in jointly evaluating and arriving at a final shortlist of properties

Viewing Shortlisted Properties

Once, you’ve finalized on a list of properties, our advisors help coordinate site visits to the shortlisted properties. The evaluation, shortlisting and viewing of properties works in a feedback loop, and keeps going till you decide on the right properties to proceed with.

Beyond Just Finding a Property

Our advisors help you in not just finding the right property, but also in putting together the nuts and bolts of your purchase - from documentation guidance, to financing, to valuation, to legal verification and due diligence, also getting you expert help wherever necessary.