Frequently Asked Questions

Assisted Property is a professional online property search assistance service offered by

Assisted Property offers personalized property search solutions by giving you suggestions that match your unique requirements. It also saves you the time and energy you spend in your property search.

Assisted Property provides a professional search assistance service from real-estate experts, who provide all the necessary information you require to make an informed decision on your property purchase.

Assisted Property helps you at every stage of your property purchase by providing end to end assistance.

You can save significant amount of time by letting our experts do all the groundwork.

Unlike with an agent or a broker, we do not work based on commission. We charge a nominal fee upfront.

Also with a strong backing from, be rest assured to get the best property recommendations and deals available in the market, making this an irresistible property search service to opt for!

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A Property Search Manager is a real estate expert who is assigned to you and helps you find your dream home through online and offline sources.

He/She will be your point of contact to communicate your unique requirements. Based on these requirements, you will receive your property recommendations.

You may also contact your PSM in case of any queries related to your property search.

After your registration, an online account is set up through which you may view your property recommendations made by your PSM.

Apart from this, your property search manager will call and explain all the recommendations and their details.

You can also enquire our advisors about any specific query you have.

Your secure online account enables you to view your property recommendations. You can also compare, evaluate and shortlist these options with the smart tools available in your account.

You can raise any queries with respect to the property search and get it clarified by our property search managers.

Depending on your requirement and the locality's real estate trend, a minimum of 2 - 3 properties will be recommended every week.

Each of these recommendations are handpicked and validated to suit your unique preferences.

Once registered, this service is valid for 3 or 6 months depending upon your package. After its expiry, you may renew this service again.

AssistedProperty does not work on a brokerage model. Instead we charge a very minimal fee upfront for our services.

We do not charge you a broker fee or any such fee after you have purchased your property.

We only charge you a fee upfront for our professional service which is valid for 3 months.

No other portal offers you a dedicated real estate expert to do the property search on your behalf.

Assisted Property offers end to end assistance starting from property recommendations to scheduling site visits, providing home loan assistance and helping you with the documentation procedure.

We also provide you with an exclusive online account where you can view your property recommendations, and analyse and evaluate them through the smart online tools.