Mrs. Nisha Praveen and her husband are NRIs who have been working and living in Singapore for some time now. Buying a property in India has always been on their bucket list, but somehow never feasible because of their busy schedule and limited time in Chennai.

Nisha came to Chennai on her maternity leave with no expectations of buying or finalizing a property. Given her busy schedule at home with her little one, and her husband working in Singapore, Nisha never thought she could actually find any time to look for properties here in Chennai. “We have been married for 5 years now and we decided that buying a property in Chennai, our home town, is something we need to do sooner or later. I have been trying to look for properties online for a very long time now, but was never really satisfied with anything. One fine day, while I was surfing the internet, I saw a pop up ad from IndiaProperty and without any expectation, I posted my desired property details on the website. To my surprise, I received a call almost immediately after posting my requirement. I was looking for something within INR 45 lakhs somewhere in the city or near the city. Sadly, the person I was speaking to fell ill and that’s when Ms. Jayapriya took over!” explains Nisha.

When time is not your friend

With limited time and resources, Nisha had to manage her new born as well as hunt for properties. This was going to be a daunting task for her. “My husband and I had to finalize everything within 10 days as he would be travelling to Chennai and it would be easier for us to finish the registration process while he was in the city. We had selected Vanagaram, Arumbakkam and Vadapalani as our top three areas. While I was visiting a couple of properties in these areas that Jayapriya had shortlisted for me, I would get a call from her asking me to check a few more properties just around the corner. She was extremely proactive and only because of her constant follow up and push, I managed to see close to 20 to 25 properties within a span of ten days.” shares Nisha. “More than anything I was so pleased with the way Jayapriya would take care of my needs and understand my situation. I had to travel alone to most of the places and while I did that, she would ask me if I needed a representative to assist me and if there was anything else that I would need. She made sure I was comfortable and that was truly a humbling experience.”

A deal we couldn’t refuse

Finally, when it was time to make the decision, Nisha took our advice and changed her area of preference all-together. Our Property Search Manager, Jayapriya not only helped her shortlist properties but got her an amazing deal while booking the apartment. Nisha tells us how she got a deal she couldn’t refuse. “I had shortlisted 2 properties out of the all the ones that I saw. I was about to pay the booking amount when Jayapriya told me about a gated community project by Amarprakash Builders. But the only thing was that it was a little further away from the city than I had imagined. We needed something safe and secure, but after seeing the property, we decided that it would be the best choice for us. It was close to the airport, which was again very convenient for us. They had initially quoted INR 48 lakh but then Jayapriya helped us close the deal for INR 40 lakhs during FairPro by CREDAI. We got an amazing deal! We couldn’t be any happier.”

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